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      Встречи в Москве и МО 2018 в ТЦ "Ривьера"   19.03.2018

      Уважаемые соклубники !!! По многочисленным просьбам -- вот и возобновляются встречи по  региону Москва и МО   Первая встреча состоится 5 апреля в ТЦ "Ривьера" в 20-00   Обсуждение:  

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

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не 100% оригинал конечно biggrin.gifsuper.gif но выглядит знатно.

This awesome Vette is an original 62 Roadster that was converted into a vintage Supercar! Using the renowned Paul Newman Car Creations state-of-the art C4 chassis for early Vettes, this car was built to be the best of both worlds - vintage style with modern day Supercar performance. Utilizing full 1996 Corvette Grand Sport suspension , LT4 Grand Sport 330 HP engine , ZF 6-speed transmission, power rack and pinion steering , power disc brakes with Baer Racing 13" front and 12" rear rotors on the C4 4 wheel discs with Grand Sport calipers, plus air conditioning , power windows, Haartz cloth top, and a factory Wonderbar radio converted to an AM/FM unit with power antenna , I think they suceeded!

The car was built by Paul Newman's shop of choice, Gold Top Restorations in California. Bill Verboon is the man behind Gold Top, and he has built seven Newman cars that all have received multiple magazine features. Bill spent many hours perfecting the original 62 body on this car to be flawless, an important aspect with a black car. Subtle tweaks were done to accomodate the chassis and 11" wide factory ZR-1 Corvette wheels in the back. The end result is a Vette that looks stock inside and out with the exception of the wheels and the killer stance.

Highly detailed inside and out to show car standards, this car is a multiple show winner. In fact, before the car was even built, Paul Newman used this rolling chassis as his show display at Chevy Vettefest and SEMA, among others. The amount of detail work and engineering in this car is staggering. It is literally a brand new 1962 Corvette, or better yet, what Chevy would build today if they were to make a "new" 62.

Speaking of which, I am sure you are curious as to how this car performs. In a word, breathtaking ! Think of the numbers - 2700 lbs., 330+HP , 340 Ft.Lbs torque, 6 speed trans, 3.92:1 rear gear, and brakes big enough to halt a 747. This car not only flat rips, but it also rides and handles like a new Corvette - or better! The chassis is rock solid , brakes, steering, and engine are dialed in and work in perfect harmony. And the sound! With the top down and a little wide open throttle, few cars can compare to this when it comes to a gear-head's symphony. To make an already awesome car even better, since my purchase I have had a factory GM Performance Parts LT4 "Hot" camshaft installed, complementing computer tuning for this upgrade, and a stunning set of 17" Halibrand replica wheels made to my specifications.I chose these wheels as Halibrands were originally designed for use on Corvettes in the 1960's, and were the wheel of choice for many racing Corvettes. I am also fond of the "sleeper" aspect of having a vintage-look wheel on the car that just happens to hide the monster brakes! Fitted to these wheels is a brand new set of BF Goodrich KDW super high performance tires. Rest assured, the new camshaft makes this engine not only come alive to the tune of 40 more horsepower (approximately 370+ total), but also gives it that proper 1960's "rumble" - the rumpety-rump idle that makes you just want to sit and listen all day! The car does come complete with both sets of wheels and tires, so you can change them at will to suit your mood or event.

So here it is - a new 1962 Vette Supercar. Ready for the track, the show field, long distance touring, or even the daily commute. And ready to take on anything on four wheels ! If you have been looking for the best of both worlds, and at a mere fraction of what it would take to build one, here is your opportunity.



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Спасибочки, это я люблю :respekt:

PS На оригинале ездить не так приятно как кастоме, но зато этот в отличие оригинала цене расти не будет.


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