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16,17 декабря. Обновление форума

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До версии 3.0.5

Происходить будет ночью.

Bugs fixed in v3.0.5:

* Facebook Button Chrome

* "View New Content" NOT WORKING

* 'Other Styles' Bug

* Reputation Rank still has a bug,

* Search Showing Threads Not Suppose to be Viewable

* RTL: Edit Messenger Folders

* Merging posts

* search result page: width = 107%

* RTL: Report Page

* Posts - Edit

* List of links in offline message

* Find Posts Last Poster Info

* Attachment ordering in messenger lost with multiple recipients

* Frontpage uploader issue

* Search Results Not Directing To Proper Post

* Error when click on IP Address on Member Validating Queue

* Parachat < 7 bug

* Error on index page when not logged in

* [Mark Board As Read] is no function , if guest

* Hebrew Text - Navigation & a JS error

* old macro in forum view

* pp_status index reporting not present

* use furl for sign in index

* Statistic Center still messed up in 3.0.4

* Portal Online Users Plugin Lo-Fi skin

* OpenID login option visible in LoFi skin

* Registration With Password Blank

* Warnings in profile view

* Validating Group 3.0.4

* Graphical glitches in the install guide on Opera

* Driver error Registration stats

* Templates last updated

* New PM popups

* Advanced search pagination

* Post icons disappear after editing a post

* Recount Stats doneScreen link incorrect

* seoTemplates key

* Subforum Hide Last Post Info still shows in parent forum

* ACP Members page always thinks it's being filtered

* A couple of more problems with "members" and "forums"

* Forum/Category Markers (mark as read)

* ACP Fatal error on app installation

* [sphinx] extended search characters affected by htmlentities()

* Formatting stops after 35th item

* Facebook Connect & ACP

* Optional BBCode necessary?

* referer set incorrectly with HTTPS sign in

* SEO Urls are corrupted on UTF8 strings

* Installing applications - skin templates are skipped for custom skins

* ipsRegistry::_appPositionSort must be called statically

* Calendar hook kills memory in 3.0.4

* report center not scaling down images

* Incorrect permalinks/typos 301 redirect to a session URI

* Calendar portal plugin fails when the app is disabled

* ACP Live Search Javascript Error

*   are converted by prettify

* Manage Announcements

* Little spaces mistake (X per day on profile)

* En Translation-language typo

* wrong variable for ip addresses?

* Root admin and email notifications

* Signature permissions with secondary usergroups

* sql info problem

* Report Center update user name.

* Missing image used by '_deletePostsDo' in tools.php

* HTML in BB-Code Page (Code-Tag)

* Toggle for HTML Auto/Raw always reverts to raw in Quick Edit mode

* Emoticons JS error

* Forum moderator doesn't have ability to warn

* Problem with {parse variable}

* Rounded class missing in the messenger

* Converter Present

* img tags and spaces before the closing tag

* links stripped from emails

* Issues with search and watched topics

* Missing attachments in XML skin

* Resynchronize Topics does not rebuild seo names

* JSON exception editing templates in ACP

* BBcode is parsed in reply view even if the setting is disabled

* Default Topic View Mode

* SMTP AUTH EHLO instead of HELO

* Upper vs lower case BBCode tags

* Useless code loading the emoticons list

* RTE font sizes don't match submitted font sizes

* Display name / login names

* Duplicate media tag getting inserted into post

* $this->member->can_use_fancy_js isn't used/set

* Driver error checking IP address

* Cannot multi-moderate posts

* Insert list

* Export language XML files

* Small translation issue on forum index

* "View new content" link unnecessary for guests

* double slash

* Partial login process inappropriately skipped

* "Translate Externally" changes default value in admin_js and public_js

* Topic view reason for edit

* Disabled messenger, still possible to reply to existing PCs

* Double compression

* Opening A Draft Causes PHP Warning

* Member list advanced filters

* Admin Only Task, auto disabled task

* html tags in the forum name break the form

* Driver error in profile when no forums available

* error not shown in the flash uploader

* Double quote in group prefix/sufix breaks poll "Who voted for" pop-up

* ACP -> Add New Member, no duplicate error.

* Manage User Agent Mapping

* Export Emotion Pack

* bbcode alias not checked properly

* user_controls has no child element

* SWF Upload outdated

* Badwords not removed from emails

* report a user profile

* Resync Topics kills moved topic links

* Languagepack mistakes / bugs / typo mistakes

* Next IP lookup bug

* Highlight from Search breaks URLs

* Spam flag notification

* AJAX requests fail with session ID

* Portal "Latest Discussions" block not showing Guest name

* Member photo doesn't support SSL

* memcache return a fatal error on fail

* Unhonored disabled group prefix on search results

* IP.Converge doesn't update the cound and the cache

* applications.php file undefined function

* applications.php file language string missing

* Incorrect message when "Automatically unlock account" set to "No"

* Converted PMs out of order

* 'pfields_content' erased when partial member signs in

* signatures are saved unparsed if a moderator edits them

* number max of images triggered blocks the parsing

* Profile FURL breaks (404) when username contains . linked from friends.

* Active in messenger -> Viewing Board Index

* Poll who voted user popups (RTL)

* "Help Files" in nav in UCP

* Friendly urls in modules ajax

* Merge Members -

* Cancel doesn't actually cancel -- Forum Managment

* Typo in Confirm Dialogue

* Not really a bug, not sure where else to put it though.

* Hook without files - "You must apply at least one file to this hook."

* When you use Member Suspension system

* Character counter doesn't reset after submitting a new profile comment

* JS filter? lowercasing all "alert"s

* Required fields on registration

* Weird code in IPSMember::buildDisplayData with custom fields.

* <br /> missing

* Memberlist is reversed is ACP on first view.

* Very Minor! - Username/Email method not reflected on admin login.

* View reputation points on member profile, Admin CP.

* Merging members

* Missing space under Settings -> Username Restrictions -> Error Message to Display

* Print/Download topic, doesn't include all attached images

* Error message 111159

* Resynch Forums/Topics

* To install a fresh copy bug

* Make forum categories searchable

* Driver error when searching error logs

* Passwords with symbols

* 400 Bad Request -fao Matt - topic markers

* Fatal error

* Fatal error on upgrade from 236

* Settings titles

* Search page Calendar tab doesn't check event permissions

* Top Five Moderators doesn't show the top five

* Board Stats - wrong data in the last registered member

* Cant insert image using img tag

* Hook access point "skin_topic.topicSharing.pre.endif" cannot be used

* rssimport.php - code error

* Converter login method populating $this->memberData when logins fail

* Avatars in report centre reports

* Emoticons in the report center

* Gametrailers.com Media code

* Admin CP functions returning bad JSON

* Unable to edit tasks

* fetchDirectoryContents broken

* buildSEOUrl() Broken in tasks.

* Restricted admins / password change

* Old act=module&module=... links don't work anymore

* SQL error in profile view

* Sign error in calculation of Report Center stat chart

* forum_tracker.member_id

* Forum moderator mass prune

* useless IPSMember::load in member_form.php

* Canonical tag: showforum=0

* 3 same tasks for the core applications

* Find Posts/Topics default values

* Lost pass doesn't work correctly via SSL

* Upgrader driver error

* [postgresql driver] group by bug in emoticons.php

* [postgresql driver] fields not properly escaped

* Reputation issue

* [postgresql driver] wrong default values for profile_portal updates

* Quick edit topic title does not check for badwords

* Acronym

* Problem when tags is put inside quote starter tag

* SQL Injection

* Loophole in registration procedure

* [postgresql driver] boardIndexTopPosters group by clause

* [postgresql driver] more "group by" bugs

* 236 upgrade broken

* Missing table on 2.3.6 upgrade

* "Unban" action logs as "Ban" action

* Portal - Latest Discussions - shows me as a Guest user

* NO skins on 3.0.5


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а если коротко?

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я сам офигел от количества исправлений

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дядя Петя

Да понятно всё, чо там!!! wink.gifem17.gif

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Мне не понятен 17 пункт... :kopfkratz:

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Фигассе...они чо, на нашем клубе обкатывают новый движок? Пусть приплачивают тогда :icon_imslow::ooooo:

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Андрей, что то много букофф, не понятно. Скажи, пожалуйста, перезагрузка страницы после обновления чата пропадет?


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Мне не понятен 17 пункт... :kopfkratz:

это 7 багов в 1 :icon_imslow:

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Чипанул сервак. Должно быть все побыстрее.

Обновлено до 3.0.5. Все вопросы сюда

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